My precious .bashrc

#The followings set the prompt to show username workingFolder with color
export PS1=”\[$usernameColor\]\u\[$default$pathColor\] \w $ \[$default\]”

#XIOTA project
export XIOTAPath=”/home/vgnam/Desktop/XIOTA”
export PATH=”.:$XIOTAPath/bin:$PATH”

#variables used for CLEF experiments
export ORG_IAPR07=”/home/ipal/SHARE/DATA/COLLECTIONS/CLEF-2007/imageclef07/IAPR_TC-12_Benchmark_2007″
export SHARE_CLEF08=”/home/ipal/SHARE/DATA/RESULTS/2008/CLEF”
export EXPE_CLEF08=”/home/ipal/EXPE/2008/CLEF”

#Subversion tool
export SVN_EDITOR=kate

#colorful ls command
alias ls=’ls –color’


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