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Google search helpful tips

Here are tips I think important when searching by google:

  • Search for many words occur in a page: word1 word2 word3
  • Search for many words c0-occur in a page: word1 + word2 + word3
    (MUST prefix and suffix the plus + by a space)
  • Search for exact phrase: “this is a phrase” “phrase 2”
  • Search for synonyms, eg. search for food and cooking: ~food
  • Search for many words either occur in a page: word1 OR word2 OR word3
    (use OR in uppercase)

"Why questions" about time – how was the calendar created ?

I suddenly care about the way we create calendar. How did it come to earth 🙂 ?

Everyday, sun rises and sets – we notice it’s a “day”. The earth turns around itself and create a day.

Days by days, time passes away and human regconize a cycle in the weather: 4 seasons. While men live, they see there’s time when it’s so cold and there’s snow all around the place – it’s winter. After the frozen period, it comes the bright sky with sunny bright; every living life from tree to animal rise up and bloom up – it’s spring. Later the weather turn hot and it’s summer. And there’s time when leaves fall down and make tree “empty” – seanson “autumn”. So, a 4-season period of time is called a year.

One thing we may all know is: there is 365 and 1/4 days in a year. How do people measure so exactly like this 😕 Other thing we may also know: the moon goes around the earth in 28 days – men know this by observing the moon I think. So roughly, in a year we have 12 times the moon go full. Each time of those is called “a month”. But the amount of days in each month is not 28, somes are added 1,2 or 3 days, why? Some say that the Romain named the months and added days to some of those 28-day months which are considered to be imortant to ensure the 365 days in a year. February is said to be the day of death-excution so it’s less important and 28 days remain in February. But in a leap year, it has 29 days, why? Well, as each normal (non-leap) year has 365 days, each 4 years sum up four 1/4 to create a day – in the 4th year, human adds 1 day to it and to February. Why Feb but not another month? Well to me, it was because other months were added already and Feb is the one which hadn’t been added so in the special time like a leap year, February was compensated then ^_^

So now we go into the details of the day. Since ancient time, human choose the day to have 24 hours, 12 for day and 12 for night. Why are there 24 hours a days but not another number like 20 or 10? Well, some said that it’s just like what men have chosen number for 60 minutes and 60 seconds. One most reasonable to me is that the chosen numbers are easy to divide into smaller amount, which means people use them more convinient in daily life, like 24 or 12 can be divided into 3,4, or 6, … while 10 can only be divided into 2 and 5. When talk about minutes or seconds, more details needed so 5 was added to the diviseurs 2 and 3. That’s what I think about the details of the day.

Auto-arranged windows switcher

Today I found on PC-World magazine a very interesting, cool, Unix-like tool to use in Windows Vista: Switcher! Download it:

How to change desktop folder in Windows OS?

  1. Start + run: regedit
  2. Browse to:
    HK Current User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  3. Look for Desktop entry, rename the value by your choice of location!

Hope that helps!

Vì sức khỏe cộng đồng

1- Nghe điện thoại bằng tai trái. 2- Không uống café 2 lần/ngày 3- Ko uống thuốc bằng nước lạnh 4- Ko ăn no sau 5h chiều 5- Giảm lượng thức ăn có dầu trong khẩu fần ăn. 6- Không nên để sạc di động ở gần mình. 7- Uống nhiều nước vào buổi sáng, ít hơn vào buổi tối 8- Không nghe tai nghe liên tục trong 1 thời gian 9- Thời gian ngủ tốt nhất là từ 10 h tối đến 6h sáng 10- Không nên nằm ngủ ngay sau khi uống thuốc 11- Khi vạch pin của điện thoại ở nấc cuối cùng, không nên trả lời điện thoại vì lúc này bức xạ của điện thoại là 1000 lần.