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Cool feature in MS PowerPoint 2007

Such a contraband software user like me find it very insteresting to find a new feature, because I never have the brochure in hand, just solely have the software.

Today, what exciting is: PowerPoint 2007 in dual-screen mode allows us to see current slide with comment in one mornitor while the full screen in the other. This is exactly what I am looking for cause normally I need to know what should I say in the current slide and what is the next slide. This discovery of mine is awesome!


Burn iso file to CD/DVD

Active ISO Burner is a free tool to do so!

A free disk burning program, Active@ ISO Burner, is available by that will allow you to burn ISO or disk images to a disk.

Click Here to download Active@ ISO Burner.

How to change FTP’s account password?

google:ftp command + “change password” ->

The command is:

Command/script to kill a process in Windows Vista

google:command + “windows vista” + “kill process” ->

To kill a process from taskmanager from command-line

First you should check that process is really found at taskmanager. You can list processes with command TASKLIST. To kill a process use TASKKILL.
E.g. c:\>tasklist
To kill a process if you know it’s process id (PID)
E.g. c:\>taskkill /pid 12345
To kill a process if you only know it’s name
E.g. c:\>taskkill /im “winamp.exe”
To find a process if you know partial name
E.g. c:\>tasklist /fi “imagename eq win*”
For more examples
E.g. c:\>tasklist /?
E.g. c:\>taskkill /?

The most useful Firefox’s addons I have been using!

This is the ones I usually use when installing Firefox: (in order of usefulness)

  1. all-in-one sidebar
  2. download statusbar
  3. fireGestures
  4. flagFox
  5. foxmark
  6. dictionary tooltips

Kinh nghiem thi dau starcraft

  1. Xây nhà ẩn với khu nhà của computer. (tips from Trường Sơn)
  2. Mở rộng mỏ ở xa nơi trung tâm. (tips from Châu Pha)
  3. Để sẵn 1 nông dân ở 1 mỏ dữ trữ – đề phòng vẫn còn tồn tại nếu trung tâm bị sập (tips from anh LQVu~)
  4. Đề phòng các hướng tấn công có thể có của đối phương (from LQVu)