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toirtoise svn how to remove a folder from versioning

Search for all the hidden .svn file and remove them all!

How to read/write values with application configuration app.config

c# windows form read write application config – Tìm với Google

-> C# – Grabbing ConnectionString From App.config |

Add new line for each value u wanna add to app.config file (in <appSettings> tag)
<add key="YOUR_KEY_STRING" value="your VALUE string"/>

Then, access get/set it by:



New & Cool SQL Server commands

Run an external program from inside SQL Server:
  exec xp_cmdShell ‘path\of\program’ ;

Run a script file from inside another script file:
  exec xp_cmdShell ‘sqlCmd -i "path\of\script" -d "databaseName"’ ;


exec spClearDB null ;

declare @cmd nvarchar(4000);
declare @db nvarchar(4000);
declare @in nvarchar(4000);
set @cmd = ”;
set @db = ‘ -d "’ + DB_NAME()+’"’;
set @in = ‘ -i "d:\desktop-folder\giang day\QTCSDL.united\bai nop gia lap RB khoa chinh\build database\db\build database.sql"’;
set @cmd = ‘sqlcmd’ + @db + @in;
exec xp_cmdshell @cmd, no_output;

How to turn off Ctrl-Alt-Del requirements when log in Windows

Open "Control Panel – User Accounts – Change account type – Advance tab – uncheck ‘Require users to press Ctrl-Alt-Del’ "

How to join urzus ‘s domain

Follow below steps:

  1. You need an account approved by the domain you are intending to join.
  2. Change DNS Server to, second DNS is (to browse facebook)
  3. Change domain.
    (By "ctrl-Pause/Break – change setting – find in the UI for changing domain location")
  4. Done.

How to export/convert Scapbook’s saved stuffs (folders, web pages, sub-folder, …) to a single package saved on PC

Follow steps:

  1. Oraganize your need-to-saved websites in tree of folders.
  2. Open Scapbook in firefox (alt-K), select that folder tree, select "tool – output tree as html".
    A tree result will be showed to you in firefox.
  3. Save the tree using Scapbook.
  4. Use "tool – import/export", select the tree item, click "export" (remember to select storage folder first).
  5. Done.