[MSBuild] Overwrite global property.

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003" DefaultTargets="uu" >

  <Target Name="t"> <!--try to overwrite value of 'aa'-->

    <Message Text="tt:$(aa) - print 'aa' insdie of t." />

    <CallTarget Targets="tt" />

  <Target Name="tt">
    <Message Text="tt:$(aa) - print 'aa' outside of t, t is not done." />

  <Target Name="u">
    <Message Text="u:$(aa) - print 'aa' outside of t, after t is done." />

  <Target Name="uu">
    <CallTarget Targets="t"/> <!--update 'aa' then print 'aa' inside t-->

    <CallTarget Targets="u"/> <!--print 'aa' outside of t-->

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