Getting started with Umbraco

Getting started with umbraco

Posted July 24, 2008

Last Saturday, during the umbraco meetup the ‘lack of documentation’ topic came up (as usual). So here is for all those people trying to get started….

A great way to get started is to install Warren’s creative web site wizard and to take a look at how things are set up and how it interconnects (developer section, right click macro’s, choose import package then open the repository and install the package). You can also find different references on the web, I tried to structure some of them in this ‘getting started’ list.


You can always find the latest release on codeplex (currently 3.0.5)

Installation: (link to screencast in the bottom right of the page)

Document Types:


Xslt and Macro’s:

Beyond the Basics:
.Net controls and umbraco:



Xslt extension:

Custom datatypes:

Flash and umbraco:

Still having trouble to get started ? The umbraco community is great, so sign up to the umbraco forum and post your questions.


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