Helpful & Frequently-used hot keys in Visual Studio IDE

This is my list of hot keys which I often used – the list is gradually updated. Hope you can find it useful.

  1. Select a text and Ctrl-F3 Search for selected text. Very useful when you browse the codes, meet some references (method, properties, variable, …) that you want to quickly see other locations it appears.
To be updated:
ctrl k l == ctrl space
list members
ctrl k i == hover mouse on syntax
quick info
ctrl k p
parameter info
ctrl e d
format document
ctrl e f
format selection
ctrl e c/u
comment/un-comment selection (no selection == currnet line selected)
ctrl m l/o/m
ctrl k s/x
ctrl .
alt shift c
alt shift a
f8 (next item in search result)
shift f7
ctrl w s/p/m

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