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Notes about working with TFS from distance office

Working from distance office where the TFS Server is not next-to-you is what I am in! What is so important about it? Well you need to step in the water to know if it is cold/hot, isn’t it?

Here are my notes:

  1. Working with the work-items is extremely annoyed – every time I select an item, there’s a delay 0f 0.5 seconds reading something in the background; even worse, the connection to TFS keeps disconnected. Must say, very very annoyed since any single simple task can consume you more time than you expected.
  2. (to be continued)

How to show Output Window when starting ‘Build’ in Visual Studio?


First make it “Tabbed Document”, then hide it, then go to Tools->Options->Project and Solutions->General->Show Output Windows when Build start


How to refer to a Namespace in WPF XAML?

Use the format:


The part “;assembly=This.Is.Your.Assembly” should be left blank if the namespace and the currently-edited XAML file are in the same assembly (often in the same project of your solution, unless your assembly is a dll composed of >1 projects).


How to make the OS auto map a domain name to an IP?

Open the file host (without extension) located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
<> <the IP>



TFS file-comparing tool so boring!

If you ever heard-of or used  WinMerge like me, you will find TFS’s tool to compare/merge files is very boring! With TFS’s tool, it only tells you a line is changed but not providing which parts of the line are changed – this is quite inconvenient for us when the line is long!

So, it would be nice to have WinMerge take the comparing job! Here are how:

  1. Detail of the setting :
  2. Quick view to get it work right-away:

In general, you config the file-comparing tool for TFS by going to menu Tool – Option – Source Control – VS TFS – Config User Tool… and follow the UI there to set it up. Note to use the setting mention above for a comfortable usage experience.


Another try to create album

Lăng nhăng

Ba, cưới con Tuyết xóm dưới cho con nhé

-Xụyt, đâu được, nó là em mầy đó

-Vậy con Hoa đầu ngỏ nhà mình

-Cũng không luôn, nó cũng là em một cha khác mẹ với mầy luôn

-Vậy con Lan ở xóm ngoài

-Cũng không, nó cũng là em mầy …


-Mẹ, Ba lăng nhăng lắm, xử ba đi mẹ,mấy con bồ của con, ba không đồng ý đứa nào hết vì chúng nó đều là em cùng cha khác mẹ với con.

-Xời ơi là xời, mầy cưới đại đi, mầy cũng đâu phải con của ổng đâu mà sợ.