Getting started with Unit Testing with Moq

I note down here how I did get started with Unit Testing which use Moq framework.
Hope it would help you to save your learning-new-tech time!

Unit Test
“The Clean Code Talks — Unit Testing”
Equipping yourself before digging into Unit Testing!


QuickStart – moq – Project Hosting on Google Code
TDD : Introduction to Moq
Beginning Mocking With Moq 3 – Part 1
Introduction to Mocking with Moq (Video)
Moq: Linq, Lambdas and Predicates applied to Mock Objects
Decaying Code: Part 1 – Introduction to Moq

Mocking the Unmockable: Using Microsoft Moles with Gallio

Hope it’s helpful to you!

Questions about Moq:
What is the differences between “Strict” and “Loose” behavior? – Stack Overflow


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