Today, continue to have disappointment with Yahoo!


Today I received a survey email from Yahoo! asking us to give them our ideas on their email/marketing services. I thought ok it’s a chance for me to say something I dislike about them now (I’ve tried to contact them and give out my suggestion about the way their design user interface in moving/copying contacts into groups but after 1-2 years, everything… stays the same!).

Nice design the survey is but there’s a mistake in one or two of their questions. Moreover, at the end, they said I gonna win a prize they give away to 8 lucky people. OK, it sounds cool so I’d like to have a try on my luck! But what… they ask me for my cellphone but do not accept my Viettel phone number –  it’s in the format of 01681234567! What the… At last I have to enter my cellphone following their format!

Must say, Yahoo! disappointed me again. If they want the phone number in some format separately for home/cell numbers, they can make a UI that allow 1) to choose the type home/cell, and 2) to enter the number in three/two textboxes correspondingly.

Haizz… Yahoo! Don’t know how long you would going on. Best wishes for you!


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