Why Googles Nexus One failed? – Android – Stack Exchange

Here are my thoughts. Thanks to a friend of mine.

  1. To me, I think Google will launch their new phones when they want to demonstrate a Google “ideal” phone and to boost the cell-phone corporations in updating the phones’ hardware.
  2. If Google put all-forces in making phones, they will become competitors with other phone corporations which Google prefer to work with as phone-hardware partners! Google doesn’t need to be another phone corporation – their goal is below.
  3. Microsoft has been owning Operating System on PC. Google vision is to become the owner of Mobile OS – this is an awesome vision of Google! I don’t know why Microsoft would leave that market!

How about you? What do you think?

via Why Googles Nexus One failed? – Android – Stack Exchange.


One response to this post.

  1. One more reason (follow me), that is because Google want to deploy Nexus One by themselves instead of cooperate with other network provider (ex T&T). The phone is good but customers don’t want to pay a large of money to buy it.


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