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The way I love to create a new blog post

Up to this moment, now we have four ways to create a new WordPress post as listed below. Among those choices, I like to use Windows Live Writer best since it is the most-similar means of writing blog to Microsoft Word!

  1. Use as usual Winking smile . I know, this is so certainly, nothing’s new at all!
    My vote: A-
  2. Post via email. I don’t like this way very much since I cannot add tags to my blog.
    My vote: B
  3. Use Word 2010 `New Blog` feature Open-mouthed smile . This is the most recent way I do use to add new post, especially with the ones which have pictures inside – you know, using editor is not very fancy to insert photos to your posts.
    My vote: A
  4. Use Windows Live Writer . I use it today and like it so much! I can’t hold myself not writing out this post to tell you about it! You can see my screenshots below to see the 3 different tools and this one is the most convenient among them!
    Here are some “cool” you should not miss: paste image from clipboard i.e. screenshot easily, format text/picture all the way just like it in Word, adding tags & post date and many much more ^_^
    My vote: A++

That’s all for now. Hope that this post is useful for you!


The screenshots

The way


The Word way


The Windows Live Writer way



How to Set up/Use Proxy Server for TFS in Visual Studio 2010

Here are steps to get your IDE be able to use the TFS Proxy feature which helps the getting-latest process be much faster! The main idea is to add a proxy server so that every time we need a get-latest, the content to download will be downloaded from the proxy server; only when the proxy server is outdated, i.e. the latest codes revision number is higher/more recent than the proxy, a direct download to TFS server (the real server other than the proxy we are talking about) is executed.

You need to know the proxy server’s name/IP and port number to proceed – often given by the system administrator at your office, please ask them.
In Contemi Vietnam we use the below information.

The Steps

1. Open the VS TFS option
  • Open menu Tools – Option – Source Control – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • or
    If you have install Visual Studio Productivity extension, you can call Ctrl-3 to bring up the Quick Access box and enter Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and go directly to the option.

    2. Enter the server name/IP and port number.


      Hope this helps,

      The Most Helpful Addons in Visual Studio to me ^_^!

      Here are the addons I used and get profit from it:

      1. Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools
        Tab Well UI
        Camel-case intellisense

        Colorized Parameters in Help Tooltips.
        Move Line Up/Down Commands (using Alt-up/down)Align Assignments

        Quick Access (More Info)
        To use, press Ctrl+3 to launch Quick Access, type in your search term (e.g., “debug”), and press Enter on the desired result.  If your search term returns too many results, continue pressing Ctrl+3 to cycle through each category of results.

        Highlight Current Line
        Triple Click to select whole line

        Searchable Add Reference Dialog
        (More Info)
        Ctrl + Click Go To Definition.
        Tab Arrange.

      2. VSCommands 2010
        Custom Formatting Build/Debug/Search Output
        Apply Fix StyleCop warnings


        Collapse All
        Button to “Collapse All Projects and Folders” in Solution Explorer
        Show/Hide All Files
        Locate Source File
        Navigate to the source of linked file with just one click
        Open File Location
        Locate in Solution
        Find and highlight currently opened file in Solution Explorer
        and more

      3. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2010
        Auto Format document on save
        Auto Remove and Sort Usings on save

      4. (trying-on) Support finding files under version control by status or wildcard.

        A command line tool that you can use to work with files and directories under version control, team projects, and work items. Some commands display a graphical user interface when run

      5. Search Work Items for TFS 2010
        Add searchbox when browsing the work-item query results.
      6. CoolX already covered by VSCommands 2010
        Locate current-opened file (in Text Editor) in Solution Explorer.
        Collapse all projects in Solution Explorer – especially useful when your solution has teens of projects and updated very often.
      7. (ALT + ,) toggles namespaces filter.

        (ALT + .) togges narrowing filter — only show Intellisense which contain your typed-in Pascal leters.
        Locating an assembly using the xmlns Pascal case IntelliSense.

      8. Workflow control for TFS 2010
        Visually see the flow of an work-item.

      9. CodeCompare
        Seamless Visual Studio integration – achieve all of the VS editor power for text editing: IntelliSense/Code highlighting/Breakpoints/Bookmarks/Regions

        Source control integration – easily integrated to any version control that supports external comparators like TFS.
      10. DPack – Numbered Bookmarks
        Ordered/numbered bookmarks

      11. Vingy Addin for Visual Studio 2010
        It’ll enable you to search Stackoverflow, Codeproject, Codebetter etc from with in VS2010

      12. CodeRush Xpress
        Code block highlight.

      13. (to be continued)


      app – Stack Exchange Notifier Chrome Extension [v1.2.9.3 released] – Stack Apps

      Stack Exchange Notifier Chrome Extension [v1.2.9.3 released]up vote12down votefavorite3AboutStack Exchange Notifier is a handy extension for Google Chrome browser that displays your current reputation, badges on Stack Exchange sites and notifies you on reputations changes. You will now get notified of comments on your own posts questions and answers and of any comments that refer to you by @username in a comment, even if you do not own the post aka mentions. All StackExchange sites are supported.Screenshots

      via app – Stack Exchange Notifier Chrome Extension [v1.2.9.3 released] – Stack Apps.