The way I love to create a new blog post

Up to this moment, now we have four ways to create a new WordPress post as listed below. Among those choices, I like to use Windows Live Writer best since it is the most-similar means of writing blog to Microsoft Word!

  1. Use as usual Winking smile . I know, this is so certainly, nothing’s new at all!
    My vote: A-
  2. Post via email. I don’t like this way very much since I cannot add tags to my blog.
    My vote: B
  3. Use Word 2010 `New Blog` feature Open-mouthed smile . This is the most recent way I do use to add new post, especially with the ones which have pictures inside – you know, using editor is not very fancy to insert photos to your posts.
    My vote: A
  4. Use Windows Live Writer . I use it today and like it so much! I can’t hold myself not writing out this post to tell you about it! You can see my screenshots below to see the 3 different tools and this one is the most convenient among them!
    Here are some “cool” you should not miss: paste image from clipboard i.e. screenshot easily, format text/picture all the way just like it in Word, adding tags & post date and many much more ^_^
    My vote: A++

That’s all for now. Hope that this post is useful for you!


The screenshots

The way


The Word way


The Windows Live Writer way



7 responses to this post.

  1. I enjoy blogging with Windows Live Writer very much. Especially when I want to add code snippet, it also has plug-in for that feature.


  2. I can not travel around the world, but in the network where I can experience experience the atmosphere all over the world and types of blog! It is a place that add a bright spot in my memory! Thank you!


  3. nice, recently i just start writing blog and have difficult in writting pretty post in WordPress editor. Your post really help me big time, thank a lot Mr. Nam 😀


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