Quickly Access an TFS item using `Work-Item Tracking` in Visual Studio 2010

Normally, to access a work-item in TFS, we must select Work Items node, choose the queries containing the list of work-item, then find that work-item.

2011-03-15 10h56_45

Since doing so is very time-consuming especially when the number of work-items is large, or the tfs server is slow etc.

In Visual Studio 2010 can support the Work-Item Tracking toolbar for quick access to work-items by their IDs without having to make many steps as above.


Step 1:

Right click an empty space on menu bar in VS 2010

2011-03-10 17h43_44

Step 2:

You must be logged TFS

Click arrow button or
Select the TFS queries node and press Ctrl + G.

2011-03-13 16h06_45

Type the ID of the task needs access.

2011-03-15 11h12_53

And you will see your item opened.


Hope that this post is useful for you!



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