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How to run unit testing tests from command line?

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I googled and found the below helpful references. Currently I want to run all from the command-line (for easy of execution & quickness) in cases:

  1. A specific test (ie. a test written by a method marked [TestMethod()])
  2. All tests in a class
  3. All impacted tests of the current TFS pending change of mine.
  4. All tests
  5. All tests except the ones marked as category [TestCategory(“some-category”)]

I’m not sure how can I write a correct command for my needs above.

If you know know, please share! All helps are welcomed and very much appriciated!


  1. the MSTest.exe
  2. the MSTest.exe’s detailed options
  3. obtaining the result


After a while, I found the below useful tips.

  1. run Visual Studio unit tests by using MSTest.exe, located at %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\MSTest.exe in my case.
  2. using /container:Path\To\Your\TestProjectAssembly.dll to indicate where your tests are coded.
  3. using /test:TestFilter to filter the tests to run. Note that this filter is applied to the full test method name (ie. FullNamespace.Classname.MethodName)

Hope this helps you guys.