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Reduce your internet Dropbox bandwidth using `Selective Sync`

When we use Dropbox, with large files, synchronization between the client and server is quite slow. Dropbox now supports storage on server without synchronization on client, i.e. we can choose which files/folders to be synchronized.

First right click icon dropbox in system tray, select click `Preferences…`


Then, select ` Advanced` and click button `Selective Sync…`


Then, uncheck those folders that you don’t want to sync to client and click button `Update` to finish.


Hope that helps!


How to get a sharable link of a file in `dropbox`?

How did I know this?

The screenshot show you how.


Note: If you don’t have this feature in your `dropbox` menu, you need to follow “All you have to do is enable your account by clicking this link

Hope that helps!


My suggestion for new features in Dropbox

  1. A Windows 7 look-alike search box which helps me easily find a Dropbox option
  2. Allow me to filter which sub folders of a Dropbox folder can be synced/not-synced
  3. Allow me to delete permanently all of the deleted files/folders – the ones that are hidden and at the moment, I have to delete them manually
  4. (To be updated)

windows 7 – How to know the version of the installed Dropbox application? – Super User

via windows 7 – How to know the version of the installed Dropbox application? – Super User.

Hover your cursor over the Dropbox icon in the tray and a pop up should appear telling you the version of Dropbox you are running.

How Dropbox upgrade my working style to a new level!

I’ve been using dropbox since 8 months ago and have been sharing with my friends. Here are what has remarkably changed the way I work & live.

  1. Exchanging email attachment
  2. Sharing photos quickly & easily
  3. (more to come when available)

Hope this is helpful for you too! If you do,  join dropbox with me ^_^!

ps. Here are some helpful links you may need when using dropbox:

  1. How to sync folders outside of the ‘My Dropbox’ folder on Windows?

A new way to share-then-edit your photos/albums quickly & easily using Dropbox

Hi guys,

You are using Facebook to share your photos – great & lots of people are doing that but your photos are automatically compressed; i.e. later if you wanna print your uploaded photos, you can’t have a high resolution/suitable version for printing (the printed photos will be ugly)

Then, I use Picasa to keep the photos in full resolution. The tagging, face-detection, sharing, commenting, etc… are cool but the usability of web UI and the Picasa desktop version are not my favour usage at old. Just try to move a photo from one album to another one or try to rotate an image, you will find how boring Picasa design is!

Today, I come up with a new way to share photos with my wife: using Photos folder in our Dropbox! We can move photos among albums as easy as we move files among fodlers. We can edit/add-effects to those image by the way we get used to right in our PC – no other website, no other new software to learn! Dropbox has bring us that new easy & happy photo sharing to us!

Hope it is helpful for you as it is now for me! Join with me on dropbox!

Crazy with daily massive exchanging attachments? Use dropbox!

Are you getting crazy with daily  exchanging email attachments with your colleages/friends? And you want to make it to be a simpler & easier work? Use dropbox’s shared folder and those attachment will automatically go into your chosen PC folders!

Hope that this would be helpful for you!