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Love Story In Harvard OST « Silkenhut’s Lair

via Love Story In Harvard OST « Silkenhut’s Lair.


1. Title

2. Oh Ji-yeong – Love Theme

3. Campus Theme I

4. Kim Jeong-woon – So in Love

5. Campus Theme II

6. Conflict

7. Yoo Tae-hwan – My Life

8. Love Theme II

9. Park Yeong-min – To your side

10. White Smile

11. Yoo Tae-hwan – To breathe within love

12. Campus Theme III

13. Tears

14. Love’s Aria

15. Run

16. At the riverside

17. Alone

18. Rain

19. Throbbing


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Just another way to listen to music on Amazon MP3

If you love the music from Amazon MP3 as me but do not have a valid credit card (like me again :D), then here is a small tip to get through it:

  1. Get the name/artist/album of the  music from
  2. Go to to download it ^_^

That’s just that! Enjoy!


Just another song from Don Nguyễn (with NSUT Thành Lộc)

The name is “Geisha song”.