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A new way to share-then-edit your photos/albums quickly & easily using Dropbox

Hi guys,

You are using Facebook to share your photos – great & lots of people are doing that but your photos are automatically compressed; i.e. later if you wanna print your uploaded photos, you can’t have a high resolution/suitable version for printing (the printed photos will be ugly)

Then, I use Picasa to keep the photos in full resolution. The tagging, face-detection, sharing, commenting, etc… are cool but the usability of web UI and the Picasa desktop version are not my favour usage at old. Just try to move a photo from one album to another one or try to rotate an image, you will find how boring Picasa design is!

Today, I come up with a new way to share photos with my wife: using Photos folder in our Dropbox! We can move photos among albums as easy as we move files among fodlers. We can edit/add-effects to those image by the way we get used to right in our PC – no other website, no other new software to learn! Dropbox has bring us that new easy & happy photo sharing to us!

Hope it is helpful for you as it is now for me! Join with me on dropbox!


Layers – Google Chrome extension gallery

Add sticky notes/comments on any web! Cool!

Cooler! You can share and see your friends shared stuffs!

Layers – Google Chrome extension gallery.