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[Dropbox] How to sync folders outside of the ‘My Dropbox’ folder on Windows?

You are using dropbox and have the need to dropbox to monitor any folders on your demand instead of just watching its own folder? Dropbox is going to add this feature soon [1] [2], but not now 🙂

At the moment, here is my workaround for this.
You need:

  1. Install Symbolic link (recommend Link Shell Extension)
  2. Install Dropbox (of course 😉 )

How to sync an “outside” folder:

  1. Right click on that folder and select `Pick link source`
  2. In your dropbox folder, right click a white space and select `Drop as…` – `Junction`/`Symbolic link`
  3. Done.

Hope that helps!


Now you can sync my notes in Windows 7 Sticky Notes!


If you love to note things in Windows 7 using the integrated  tool, i.e. Sticky Notes, then you should need to back-up/sync your notes to the internet. You will be happy like me! I would never be afraid to lose my notes again since I can access it any where as long as I have the access to the Internet ^_^!

In brief

Here’s just 3 steps to get it:

  1. Know where your notes is stored on your computer – it’s in here “%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt”
  2. Get a “magic” dropbox folder – so as you will be able to have a free storage folder on the Internet.
  3. Make some effort to have your dropbox folder do the syncing for you.


You need:

  1. Symbolic link (recommend Link Shell Extension)
  2. Dropbox
  3. The location of the “data” of the notes i.e. in %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt and using symbolic link (referenced from source)

How to sync the notes:

  1. Go to the notes data file and create a symbolic link
  2. Save the symbolic link in your dropbox folder
  3. Done.

Hope that helps!

Cannot install iPhone applications!

When I sync the apps in iTunes (which I have downloaded before) I recieve such error message:

“…some of the applications in your iTunes library were not install on the iPhone because you are not authorized for them on this computer”

I google it and luckily found the answer in here iPhone Sync: “Some of the applications in your iTunes library were not installed because one or more errors occurred.” – Chris Pratt

In there, some one said to go to the Store menu of iTune, select Authorize computer.

It is the way it is !