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Apply Office 2007 themes for WPF application. – Stack Overflow




via Apply Office 2007 themes for WPF application. – Stack Overflow.


My favourite WordPress themes

Here are the themes I like the most on WordPress:

  1. SpringLoaded
    A colorful with green but still being elegant Dates is decorded nicely but categories and tags are displaying so simple.
  2. Rubric
    A Dynamic Width theme
  3. MistyLook
    I’m fond of this theme very very much except the bullet style.
  4. Ocean Mist
    It’s lovely for everything except the font is too small.
  5. Journalist
    Very clean style to read my blog.
  6. Inove
    Another clean style. But it has distracting icons under the title of each post and the title itself is not big enough.
  7. zBench
    Grayscale color theme I found elegant to used!

For these ones I also like them, and I will have a try on them soon.

  1. Twenty ten
  2. Fusion
    Simple but Clean ‘n’ Clear. The title each post is so “simple” and easily get blurred with the content.

Have fun!