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Two Plugins To Publish Quick Posts On Wordpress

For those who have already fallen in love with the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet, you might not need to look for another alternative. All you need to do is to tweak the bookmarklet to perfection using “Press This Reloaded” plugin. As the name suggested, this plugins gives users the best of both world: the ability to post quick post and the full functionalities of WordPress editor.

You can get the plugin via “Install Plugins” menu at your WordPress’ side menu. Perform a quick search and click the “Install Now” link.

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SharedCopy Lets You Bookmark & Annotate Websites With Style

Although Diigo is more complete than regular social bookmarking sites and I truly like the toolbar, introducing it to my friends doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be blown away by it. I know some of them don’t even use Delicious, or have any way to back up their bookmarks so they still keep them in long folders on their browsers. In other words, a full client like Diigo is just too much for them. For simpler annotating, I’ve found SharedCopy to be light and simple, particularly because all of its features are presented in no more than a bookmarklet.

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Primo PDF sucks !

Primo PDF creator tool now asks to pay !? But an similar open-source tool, PDFCreator, is now available! It’s from the Sourceforge community! I switch to use PDFCreator immediately! Goodbye to Primo!