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Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger By Tweaking Windows Registry

For version 10, user Tuto has a nice post here Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger By Tweaking Windows Registry.

For version 11, derived from this tip, I tried on Windows 7 and come up with the below tip as just making a minor modification.

  • Run `regedit`
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\pager\Test
  • Add new value `plural`, details:
    • Right click on the right pane, then New – DWORD
    • Rename it to `plural`
  • Update `plural` value to 2, details:
    • Double click it
    • Enter 2 in `Data` box
    • Select `Heximal` radio in Base box
  • Close `regedit` program.
  • Done

Note: This worked on Windows 7 and I’m not sure other previous Windows version. Please contribute with me if you did try.


Yahoo! Messenger 11 – New: 1) Chat with Facebook friends, 2) Store conversation online

The new version is available here Yahoo! Messenger 11 – Chat, Instant message, SMS, Video Call, PC Calls.

Cool new features for me:

  • Can chat with facebook users
  • Conversation are now saved online
  • (to be updated)

However, I hope that the current annoyance I’m having is fixed in the new version!

The current annoyance I have with Yahoo:

  • Cannot right click a nick to move/copy to another group
    This feature is still NOT supported by Yahoo! – have to say `wtf`
  • When get offline, should just show popup balloon from system tray instead of showing the whole “DISCONNECTED” application cause it’s useless
  • Have no mean to notify new version updates