A new question2answer plugin by NTHQ for Admin page – Search In Setting

The search-in-setting plugin

If you and the admin of one question2answer site, you may get your self lost in Admin page where there are too many setting items to remember – it’s hard to say which sub menu one configuration item is located e.g. `Show view count in question lists` in Admin – Viewing menu that helps to toggle the display of number of page views for each question.


Today NTHQ team is proud to announce the arrival of our new question2answer plugin, called search-in-setting,  that will help us the admin of the site to work more comfortable with the hundreds of setting items in Admin page. The snapshots tell us all about it – a new search box that works similarly to Chrome browser preference search feature.


Who are we?

We are NTHQ team – a new question2answer team.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us as you may need our support on this plugin; and for other IT solution too ^^


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